Pyrgos is located at the south part of Santorini, a hilly village with panoramic views of the whole island. This hillside village was declared a protected settlement in 1995.

Pyrgos is one of the five typical fortified settlements of the Santorini. On the hilltop you can find ruins of the famous central Kasteli. Pyrgos was the capital of Santorini from the middle 18th century, and the center of education, with the secret school church “Agi Aposotli” and the monastery of Prophet Elias.

The picturesque village is preserving its traditional and local architecture with its neo-classical mansions and small white houses, narrow paths leading up the castle, galleries, vineyards, churches and you name it!

Near Pyrgos one can find the famous Monastery of Prophet EIias, located at the highest point on the island. The monastery operates since 1711 AD and carries a long history as well encloses an important museum with ecclesiastical items, Icons and Relics Collection.


From Fira 7klm

From the airport 8 klm

From the port 1,3 klm

From Perivolos beach 5 klm

From Akrotiri 6 klm

From Oia 19 klm

Bus station is within 5 minutes walk